Our Values

We believe that God created the earth and man, and that Adam and Eve sinned, and therefore God sent his son Jesus to die for our sins. If we believe in Jesus, and confess with our lips, we will enjoy eternity in heaven.

For this reason, we believe that our number one objective is to believe in God, and follow His principles. We do that by following God's truth that He gives us in the Bible. In the Bible, God commands us to give 10% of our earnings to him, He instructs us to save money, He encourages us to live debt-free, He gives us guidance on investments, He discusses income taxes, and He talks about estate planning. Because we believe that the Bible is absolute truth, we try to integrate God's principles with how we advise our clients.

We also believe in education to compliment this biblical truth. We believe that the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation is the standard of excellence in the financial advisory industry. The CFP® designation focuses on estate planning, income tax planning, retirement planning, investment management, and insurance. Due to the rigorous education and testing of the CFP® profession, we believe it is prudent for our clients to have this expertise as they aim for financial confidence.

We believe in independence. In order for us to place our client's best interests first, we believe that we can't associate with just one company. Rather, we believe we need to perform our due diligence as advisors, and after we learn about our client's unique dreams and goals, we tailor a financial plan and investment recommendation based on their objectives. No one company can be all things to all people, hence, we choose to be independent.

We believe in being active with our families, and our community. As a younger firm with many children amongst us, we value the time we are able to spend with our families. While we work hard and serve our clients well, we also take time to be away from work so we can influence the next generation.